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First Day

With Your

New Cat


You've prepared your new cats safe area and we're sure there's lots of excitement over the new arrival. It's important though, to make sure you're allowing your cat to settle in at their pace.

 Here's what we suggest for that first day or two while your cat settles in.


Do not let your cat out of the house for at least 3 weeks.

They may run away and you will have no idea where they are.

Cat Under Blanket

Puss has no doubt seen a lot of excitement and is likely stressed and/or overwhelmed. 

Take them directly to their new area. 

Ideally you'd want to restrict their exposure to the whole family, but naturally, everyone is going to want to see the new arrival.

Go over some ground rules and make sure everyone is quiet and calm to not overwhelm your cat further.

It might be an idea to place and leave their cat carrier in their space for a while, until they're ready to explore by themselves.

Cats love to hide in small spaces and they'll probably feel much safer in their own carrier, than being taken out of it and placed into an unfamiliar space by you. 

Image by Amy Baugess
Caressing a Cat

Please don't force Puss to come to you. Let them get acquainted on their own terms. If they aren't interested in approaching you then leave them be and try again later. Give them time.

Make sure that other human family members are also aware not to force Puss to come to them. 

Your new cat might not eat much, or at all, at first. 

It's best to feed them the same food that they had at the rescue or foster home. 

Keeping some things familiar

will make them feel more secure. 

Be sure to keep an eye on their water and make sure they're drinking.

If your cat hasn't eaten for a couple of days then please call your vet. 

Do not ignore.

Image by am
Image by Dietmar Ludmann

Read up on how to introduce your cat to other pets. Keep the door to your new cat's room shut and make sure that other furry family members don't rush in unexpectedly. 

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