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Feline Follow Ups

Hear from our re-homed puss cats themselves when they send us postcards from their new homes!
To send in your own update, please email us at or send us a message on our Facebook page and we can share any news across our social media's  and website.

 Hello everyone!

It's your friend Brambles here just saying hello!

I had a lovely Christmas, claiming all the presents as mine and having a fab time playing in the gift bags.

You'd hardly think I was 17/18 years old!

Mummy and I are managing my hyperthyroidism with meds and I'm doing really well in general.

I'll say hello again soon but for now, I'm off to cause more naughtiness.

Lots of love,


Homed in October


crescent stamp.png

Hello to all! It's Donald and Daisy here to say good afternoon from our new home!

We are very, very happy here and we do everything together (Donald is Daisy's shadow and Daisy is Donald's guard!).

We're both very affectionate and we're super close so we're glad we found a home together.

Overall we're incredibly happy and we landed on our paws well and truly.

Hope to speak to you soon!

Lots of love,

Donald & Daisy



Homed in January


crescent stamp.png

 Hello friends, it's Hope here.
I found my new home at the beginning of December and as you can see, I'm very happy and settled.
I love my new human and I'm very content having my own space to call my own.
Thank you for looking after me until I found my new home!
I'll update you all soon hopefully.

Lots of love,



Homed in December


stamp 2.png

Hello to my Crescent Cat Rescue friends! You may remember me as Kevin but I'm now called Merlin (you must remember me and my snazzy eyebrows!).
I thought I'd stop by to say hello after about a year or so on from being with you all.
You can tell from the pictures my new mummy sent, I am a very, very happy and content boy.
Mummy calls me "king of the household" which I definitely think is true!
I feel like I've always lived here, I'm just so happy.
I'll check in with you all again soon, friends!

Lots of love,



Homed in early


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