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Meet our
permanent Resident

At our rescue we have a number of cats that, for one reason or another, aren't able to be rehomed. 

Sometimes they have health issues or just simply prefer to live outdoors. 
When it's possible, we keep those cats with us to live the rest of their lives

in the safe environment of the rescue premises.

Some of them don't like being made a fuss of and you might be lucky to grab a quick peek and a fuss while they're waiting for their food. Others are more than happy to join you

for your mid morning coffee and have a cuddle.

Regardless of their temperament or desire to be cuddled,

we love all of our residents and we wouldn't be without them. 
Not every cat can be featured as some are more elusive, but if/when they're photographed,

they'll be added to this page! 

Here are some of our current residents.

Click the image for a larger picture and text.

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