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White Cat

Who are we?

Crescent is a small, independent and humane cat shelter based in the Tendring area, run by Carole and a small team of volunteers.

We've been working since 1989 and we've been registered as CCR since January 2000. 

cat silhouette

The above is a gallery of our resident puss cats who we have sadly lost over the years.

Our Facilities

These are our units, provided by Pedigree Pens LTD, where we house our rescue kitties while they stay with us before finding their forever homes. 
We used to have wooden pens but upgraded to our current uPVC pens, which are so much easier to keep clean! 
We’ve recently installed clear Perspex to the front of the pens too, so that helps keep the wind, rain (and occasional snow!) out and keeps the cats dry and warm. 

cat silhouette
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