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We prefer to home our cats within the nearby areas as we're mainly supported by the local community. 
If you've seen a cat you'd like to know more about, please fill out the contact form below.
We ask the below questions so we can best determine what cat will suit you and your situation the best.
Please be honest so that we can match you with the best possible furry friend or direct you somewhere else that can help if we aren't able to at this time. 

You should receive an automated email that confirms your application has been successfully sent. Please make sure to check your spam emails in case our emails get sent there by mistake. 

Did you know we have a section of our site dedicated to our tips for introducing your new feline friend to your home? Click here to read what we suggest for a smooth transition from a rescue to their new home!

Adoption Enquiries

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You should receive a confirmation email shortly.

Please keep an eye on your spam folder as our reply may be sent there accidentally. 

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