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Hopefully your cat is settling in well with you and their new surroundings. We recommend the following tips to help your new cat continue to adjust to their new life.

Image by Yerlin Matu

It may take your cat a week or two to adjust. Please be patient with them. All cats are different and they will take different amounts of time to come round and settle. Please take things at their pace.

Image by Marjan Grabowski

As your cat adjusts, they'll show signs that they want to explore outside their safe haven. Make sure other family members, both human and furry, don't startle them while they gradually expand their territory.

Your cat might be ready to play with you too now so enjoy finding what toys your cat really likes, from feather wands and balls with bells, to plain old paper bags and boxes!

Image by Loan

If your  new cat seems "off colour" or unwell then please contact your vet. If you rescued your cat from us then please give us a call and we can take them to our own vets  (NB: applies to the first two weeks only).

Image by Diana Parkhouse

We advise that you keep your cats in at night. There are many reasons for this. Hounslow Animal Welfare Society have a really great guide on why your cat should be kept in at night, which can be found here.

We hope these tips will help you to have a well adjusted feline family member. 

Thank you for offering your home as a furever home for your new cat.

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