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We're always in need of people who are independent, mature, hard working, eager and reliable, to help keep our rescue clean and tidy.
If you can spare a couple of hours in the morning each week to help us out then please use the form below to get in contact with us.
We like to offer a trial couple of weeks for volunteers so we can make sure you’re happy to continue to work with us and that we’re happy also. 
Please note: We don’t accept work experience placements and we ask that all volunteers be over 21 years of age.

What do we do at our rescue?
  • All our new volunteers should be given a duties list that we compiled so it’s hopefully easier for you to know and remember what needs to be done during your morning and to also try and help cohesion across all volunteers and days. There are also white boards with cat information and instructional posters around our rescue to also try and help this too.

  • Someone should show you around and show you where things are, where supplies are kept etc.

  • We begin our rescue duties around 9:30 am after the cats have been fed. We start to gather our cleaning supplies and begin to clean the cat pens, of which you can see the units you'll be working in on our home page. 

  • You may shadow one of the more experienced volunteers or work independently and have someone just cast an eye over what you've done to make sure all is okay.

  • After we’ve cleaned the pens we then wash any litter trays, cleaning equipment and food bowls before having a mid morning coffee (with resident cat cuddles!) and then we can go back and make a fuss of the cats who are in the pens.


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