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Before you get your

new cat


We're super thrilled that you're getting a new fur baby!

It's an exciting time to welcome a new animal into your home but please make sure you've done all the research and make sure you're well prepared for your new kitty.

We'll assume you've never had a cat before, so here are the basic tips we recommend!


Do not let your cat out of the house for at least 3 weeks.

They may run away and you will have no idea where they are.

Preparing for your new cat

Cats are territorial and coming into a new home leaves them

feeling very uneasy. 

To help Puss, you can provide them with a small area to call their own for the first few days or weeks.

Make sure that the safe area is ready to go, well ahead of time so you can put your cat safely inside and leave them to adjust, without too much interference from you/your family.

A bathroom or laundry room works well for this.

Furnish the room with cat amenities, such as

food, water and a litter tray.

Fill the litter tray with 1 to 2" of litter and place it in the room where Puss can use it undisturbed.

Be sure to place the litter tray away from any food.


If you are welcoming a kitten into your home, then be aware of holes or small areas that they could get access to and possibly get stuck in.

Make sure to cover up dangerous gaps and holes.

Be aware that kittens can get caught in things like the strings of louvre blinds.

Don't underestimate the spaces they can get in. They'll always surprise you, so make sure you've double checked everywhere is as safe as can be.

Also, always ensure your toilet lid is down.

Have you got everything you need for your new cat?

Here are our recommendations for what you should have ready and waiting for your new kitty!

Pet Carrier

Cat Carrier

For your cats safety a cat carrier is an absolute must. For an in depth look into what carrier to choose, Cats Protection again have a great guide which can be found here.

cat toys

Cat Toys & Grooming Tools

Playing is such a good way to bond with your cat, especially if they're new and wary of you. A toy on a stick/dangling toy can be extremely useful for nervous cats as this allows you to play but at a distance, thus bonding with your new cat but not threatening them.​

Another good way to bond with your cat is to give them a brush! It also allows you to  do a quick health check while you're there. Keep a check on your cats body language however as some cats won't enjoy you brushing them, so if they're in discomfort then don't continue. Depending on the type of your cat will depend on the best brush to use so make sure you get the best brush for your cat.​

Cat and Food

Food & Bowls

Cats can be fussy little things so hopefully you won't have too much trouble in finding a wet food/biscuit brand

they enjoy! 

Glass, ceramic and stainless steel bowls are all good options for your cat as they're easy to clean and keep sanitary.​

Cat Tree

Scratching Posts 

Your cat is going to scratch things and we're sure you'd rather it not be your sofas and other furniture that takes the brunt of this! Cats need to scratch things to keep their claws in good condition and as a way to communicate. Cats Protection have a great guide on this which can be found here.​

Provide plenty of opportunities  for your cat to scratch, especially if they're indoor cats. 

Litter Box

Litter & Litter Tray

Make sure you get the correct size tray for your cat. Kittens will need a tray that has low enough sides for it to enter and exit easily.

An older/adult cat will benefit from a try with higher sides as they do like to throw their litter about! 

There are many kinds of litter on the market to pick from, however if you have rescued your cat from us, they'll be used to wood pellet cat litter. 


Cat Trees/Perches

Cats love to survey their surroundings from high up as this makes them feel safer and more secure, therefore they love to climb. Here's a good source on why cats like to climb.

Provide your cat with plenty of places they can climb and get away from family life as this will aid their natural instinct and keep them happy.

 our tips for the first

day or two With 

your new cat

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